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LWSY for Bib&Sola


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Name: Lucy Freedman     Astrology Sign: Sagittarius     Birthplace: Bristol, UK      Place of Work: London

Who/What makes you laugh?

My best friend from school. I went to a very British boarding school in Somerset and we lived together for a while in East London after both attending different universities, and still speak daily.

What is the greatest gift you could give someone?


What is your best lesson learned? Trusting my instincts. Being confident in making decisions and then moving those ideas forward. Believe in yourself, it can only make you stronger.

Where do you find serenity?

Serenity for me is that 5 minutes before I fall asleep every night. If I’m going to bed with a smile on my face, i’ve used my day wisely.

Favourite holiday destination?

Verbier, Switzerland in the winter months, and for a short break I’d say my parents home in St Ives, Cornwall. I also love Barcelona.

Favourite chocolate?

Artisan du Chocolat‘s sea salted caramels, does that count?

Favourite Charity or cause that you are passionate about?

My brother served in the British Army, so I would say Help for Heroes.

Favourite artist?

As a child I was mad for Mark Rothko‘s use of colour. I’ll never forget walking into his room at the Tate Modern for the first time. I also love Salvador Dali‘s work, especially his Leda armchair which BD Barcelona now have the licence to manufacture. I’m still dying to spend a night at Le Meurice in Paris.

Favourite designer?

Fashion wise, my school friend Sophie Hulme is my go-to girl. Not a day goes by when I’m not wearing one of her armoured belts, bags or insane coats. My friend Alexander Lewis has also just launched his second collection which is being stocked in Saks, Barney’s & Avenue 32. I’m looking forward to my first pair of Manolo Blahnik for Alexander Lewis heels!

Favourite hero?

My style hero was my grandmother. Nanny would have everything made for her, driving gloves in every colour, lace dresses, jewellery, bags, she had amazing style. I’ve just inherited her engagement ring which I’ve coveted my entire life. Thank goodness we were the same shoe/hand/waist/dress size!

Favourite cocktail?


Favourite restaurant and hotel?

There are a few, but if you had to twist my arm I would say Hotel Thoumieux in Paris, designed by India Mahdavi. Her use of colour, pattern and textures is my idea of heaven. Restaurant wise, I’ll stay classic, it’s got to be banana splits at The Wolseley in London.

Natural element that you reside most with?


Best joke you’ve ever heard?

I can never remember jokes, I have one joke myself but it’s so terrible I won’t embarrass myself…     Your personal motto? “Molire Molendo” (my school motto) – it is loosely translated as “to succeed by grinding”, although Latin scholars will have their own thoughts on the direct translation!

The era you would like to take a time capsule to?

Ooh, the twenties would suit me perfectly.

Favourite book?

I loved reading Grace Coddington’s memoirs on holiday last month.

What is one big question you would like answered?

I actually do have one, but I don’t want to jinx myself by asking it…

Favourite room in your house?

My Kitchen

What is your  “thoughtful indulgence”?

I spend most of my week nights either working late on ideas for my website and other consulting work, or with friends, and we’re all spread across London, so by the time Sunday afternoon hits, I shut myself off at home and keep the afternoon to myself. That’s all I need. Just a few hours of daytime to myself to re-charge for the week ahead. I usually end up pulling my flat apart and restyling it. That’s my down time.

Thanks Kira!

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