The world of Atelier Areti. Created by Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer.

Circle-Spheres-3 LWSY

Circle & Spheres Pendant 

London Design Week is finally behind us, and with a restorative few days in Paris last week there are a few brands and designers that are still whirling around in my head. Atelier Areti are one of them. Two Austrian/French sisters, Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer set up their studio in 2008, so those in the know may recognise their pieces from the last few rounds of fairs and exhibitions.

Both sisters have some serious credentials to their names, Gwendolyn received a Bachelor in Visual Arts concentrating in Sculpture, followed by a Masters in Architecture from Harvard. Now there’s a way to learn your craft, Gwendolyn remains the Head of Research at the EPFL. Having worked for some major design offices throughout Europe and the US, Atelier Areti was set up with her younger sister Guillane.

After studying Art History and Archeology at the Sorbonne in Paris, Guillane enrolled at London’s Central St Martins to study Product Design. Guillane’s final project was a glass light which led to the development of Atelier Areti’s first collection. Add accomplished Interior Designer to Guillane’s credentials and you have a seriously well rounded duo.

With a furniture and accessories collection also, and still fresh on the circuit, these sisters are sure to knock a few established sculptural lighting designers off their perch very soon (excuse the pun…) if their designs below are any indication of their emerging style.

Alouette black ceiling light by Areti

Alouette 3 Bird Ceiling Light 

One of my favourite collections in their lighting series is the Aloulette Collection. The birds offer directional lighting via their cone shaped tails. Either sitting horizontally or clamped onto tubes with multi-angle joints. 

Alouette wall light LWSY

Alouette Bird Wall Lamp, powder coated white with a brass inner.

Mimosa_white_background LWSY

The Mimosa Pendant above  is one of their more sculptural designs, delicate in proportion yet solid in construction.

Vertical-1-detail LWSY

Above, a close up of the Vertical 1 Collection, hand spun powder coated metal.


If Michael Anastassiades kinetic lights are a little out of your league, how about this Two Spheres ceiling lamp? Playing on basic geometric elements of lines and spheres. Totally worthy of a place in the LWSY dream home. 


The 5 Tubes floor lamp has received quite a bit of press coverage I noticed. Such a simple structure, hand spun, and powder coated, with single oval peg architectural lights. I love the cone base. 


Similar in style of the Circle & Spheres ceiling light, I would place this Squares Wall and Floor Lamp in a townhouse hallway. I saw this piece recently, and the bulbs aren’t too strong for it to be visually overwhelming, so it does just look great propped up against a wall. 


Finally adding a stroke of colour to my edit is this Sunrise Wall and Ceiling Light. With hand blown crystal glass, and a powder coated mental frame, there’s a touch of Mathieu Matégot about this piece. It’s like your own mini Anish Kapoor no?! 

Atelier Areti

These sisters are a studio to invest in. I’d be happy to fill my home with their designs.




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