Swarovski Designers of the Future 2016 Award – Part 1- Studio Brynjar & Veronika

During this year’s edition of Design/Miami Basel, Swarovski unveiled three winners of their coveted Designers of the Future Award 2016, announced at this years Maison et Objet in January 2016.

The laureates of the award, Studio Brynjar & Veronika, Yuri Suzuki and Anjali Srinivasan, visited Wattens, Swarovski’s HQ in Austria to explore the company’s archives and innovations programs, taking the opportunity to generate ideas and experiment with new concepts.

The first of three recipients of the award is Studio Brynjar & Veronika.

Inspired by Swarovski’s forward-thinking design DNA and tradition of innovation, the installations by all three designers, present an ideal proposal of future living, and Studio Brynjar & Veronika’s installation communicates their exercise in the conversation between crystal and light.

Studio Brynjar & Veronika’s work is linked to storytelling and narratives, deeply rooted in their Islandic culture. Drawing, photography, video, sound and furniture are all used to convey their works.

The award recipients in Wattens, Austria , Yuri Suzuki, Veronika & Studio Brynjar and Anjali Srinivasan.

The installation by the design duo offered three elements, a set of decorative crystal sticks which illuminated the shadows of the space, exploring the transparency of Crystal, with shafts of light translated into subtle projections of colour. The left image below was taken using my macro lens shooting from the top of the stick.

The second offering, the everyday blinds in crystal bring a meteorological phenomenon of reflection, refraction and dispersion of light into the home. 30 prismatic slats had been tailored to make a fully functional blind which created a rainbow effect when it was hit by light.

‘Reflections of Water’, the third element of the installation is a series of crystal tiles on the wall that transformed light into water-like reflections on surrounding surfaces. The tiles look like liquid crystal, and were created to offer reflections as only water can.

Swarovksi Designers of the Future – Studio Brynjar & Veronika website.


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