Swarovski Designers of the Future 2016 Award – Part 3 – Anjali Srinivasan

This year the Swarovski Designers of the Future 2016 laureates came from varied creative backgrounds, each with distinct ideas to explore following their creative research visit to Wattens, Austria to explore the historic Swarovski archives. Studio Brynjar & Veronika’s installation concentrated on light transformation, Yuri Suzuki explored crystal as an acoustic material, and Anjali Srinivasan’s installation ‘Unda’ was inspired by the beauty and impact of the human gesture.

“Crystal is a highly engaging material because it is a solid object that creates visual effects that you cannot touch. I’m looking forward to continuing to explore this crossroads between physical and optical phenomena in my work.” Anjali Srinivasan

Anjali Srinivasan (right) with fellow ‘Designers of the Future’ Yuri Suzuki, Studio Brynjar & Veronika

‘Unda’ is a rolling wave surface, made up of glass elements developed by Anjali and Swarovski Touch Crystal, with new touch-sensitive technology. Responding to human touch with a glowing illumination, and architectural interface for crystal drawin, allows you to trail your hand along the wave lighting a pattern that slowly fades when the hand is taken away.

Featuring 3,000 crystals and 5,000 crystal pieces blown and produced in Anjali’s studio in Dubai. The crest consists of 1,500 Touch Crystals containing LED technology.


Swarovksi Designers of the Future – Anjali Srinivasan’s website.

Read about the heritage of Swarovski here.


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