Noma, Copenhagen


Noma is located on the ground floor of a newly renovated 18th Century warehouse in the old Christianshavn district of Copenhagen. The building has one of the best locations in the city at the very end of a quay in Copenhagen Harbour, straight across from Nyhavn. Noma’s interior blends traditional with contemporary influences. Simplicity, crisp, clean and uncluttered lines reflect the Nordic spirit and atmosphere. The interior of the listed 18th Century warehouse is stark, yet has a romantic feel—wood floors, exposed beams and deep, rounded window recesses. The fittings and furnishings work in harmony—smoked oak, stone, leather, water, glass and light all add to the atmosphere. With her discreet yet powerful design and her careful selection of furniture, architect Signe Bindslev Henriksen has managed to add a modern dimension to the classic rooms and create the perfect backdrop for a ground-breaking, modern Nordic restaurant rooted in a long tradition of fine craftsmanship and quality.


During last years Olympics Noma transported their chefs to Claridge’s in London for a sell out pop-up experience, (you can catch up on that by watching the BBC television documentary here featuring the restaurant) a very sneaky way for the attention to be taken away from their Copenhagen restaurant where a refurbishment was undertaken. Space Copenhagen moved in, and a sleeker, darker Noma was brought to life. Whilst the original Model 62 Chairs by JL Moller Mobelfabrik remain, they were stained black. A new collection of furniture designed by Space for Stellar Works (Shanghai based Furniture brand) was added in the bar. Space explained that the ambition behind the Rén Collection was to create a furniture collection rooted in the Danish Modern tradition of making exceptionally crafted design. A combination of expertise, inspiration & both a Japanese & Chinese influence have been combined to create the Rén Collection.




Chair 64 by JL Moller


Ren Lounge Chair

Images courtesy of Noma, Copenhagen

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