No Noise Campaign, Selfridges

Look what landed on my desk yesterday morning. A lovely gift from Selfridges who currently running their No Noise campaign. Celebrating minimalism, and with a focus on quality product design, function and content instead of it’s publicised image.
Several iconic products have been de-branded by their manufacturers with a view to initiate it’s customers to take a step back from the branded world that we live in today. These brands are iconic enough for us to identify for ourselves, and overly branding products with tag lines and slogans can often be to much information.
Available for purchase in the Quiet Shop at Selfridges, London, which is a modern take on the famous Silence Room that was first created by Selfridges founder Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909. With brands such as Beats by Dre, Clinique, Créme de la Mer, & Levis all participating, these three shall proudly taking a prime spot on my kitchen mantel, and no one will be allowed to open them!

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