Margaux Restaurant, Mediterranean minus the falafel >>> NYC

Margaux NYC LWSY

Margaux NYC LWSY

Last week I made it to New York for the annual design week. Finally I got to check out Margaux, the ever so beautiful restaurant inside The Marlton Hotel (more on there soon) in Greenwich Village. Chefs Michael Reardon and Jeremy Blutstein have created an eastern Mediterranean menu strictly minus the falafel (this is most important to know apparently).  A beautifully designed space and new to the downtown restaurant scene, we have New Zealand-born hotelier Sean MacPherson to thank for it’s arrival. In an area off Fifth Avenue in the Village surrounded by those iconic brownstone row houses Eighth Street has always had a slightly different vibe. MacPherson has quite the reputation for finding pockets of the city and that could do with a bit of a spruce-up, again he worked his magic on this plot where The Marlton Hotel, and it’s restaurant Margaux now calls home, and it’s really, really pretty. 

You’ll know the Bowery, Maritime and Jane Hotels, all MacPhersons doing, and all were properties that he tends to call ‘flophouses’ in a previous life. I’m here for the restaurant now though, and what a beautiful little secret I thought I’d found. New York is so unlike London in this way, the smaller the Brit hotel I’d say the less likely you are to spend your precious evenings in their restaurants, but in NYC, it seems this is their forte. A charming space, elegant, very Parisian, and personal. So think of this place as a younger version of the Bowery Hotel, with a menu not dissimilar to Nopi in London (a team trip to London made them all fall for Ottolenghi’s flavours).

Margaux NYC LWSY

1384 Marlton Hotel

Margaux NYC LWSY

To give you an idea of flavours, the restaurant’s signature dish is a Farmer’s Board with four hearty mounds of red quinoa tabouli with kale harissa, spicy smashed sweet potatoes, avocado hummus, and beetroot, served with homemade buckwheat crisps. Think flavours from Beirut and Jerusalem, and as much local produce sourced from the markets close to the hotel.

Margaux LWSY 1384 Marlton Hotel

If you’re in NY and you haven’t been go. If you’re planning a trip, add it to your to-do list. 

Follow the hotel & restaurant on Instagram here.

The Marlton Hotel
5W 8th Street
(Between 5th & 6th Aves.)
New York, NY 10011



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