We landed into Venice Marco Polo Airport early Friday on the evening. I spotted the twinkling lights of the taxi boats ferrying people to and from the airport from the window of our plane. I’d seen so many movies that featured this romantic notion of being whisked to your palazzo via those glorious speed boats straight from the airport. I was Amal and my George was by my side. 

For us it was a rather bumpy experience on the larger airport transfer boat (at a third of the cost of the taxi) which stops at various pontoons as you make your way along the Grand Canal where you finally arrive at Rialto Bridge. Same views and route, so we were perfectly happy to ride in the bigger speed boat. We hopped off in San Marco and walked along the cobbles to our hotel just 3 minutes from the pontoon. It was cold and very dark, but it felt like we’d stepped into a movie set already. 

For the next 3 days we were armed with just a list of restaurants from a friend, and planned on just exploring. Lunch and dinner is a very serious matter for my George Clooney, so we’d take a light breakfast at our hotel and walk until we got lost (frankly it’s not exactly the simplest city to navigate) before calling ahead to whichever restaurant to make our lunch reservations.

The local cafes were the perfect rest stop for us to get reacquainted with our fold out map (don’t count on signal for your Google Maps). Along the way I must have taken hundreds of pictures a day. Here are just a few of my favourites from our day time exploring… 

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LWSY November 2016

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