So here we are, Autumn has arrived in Paris. Just a few days ago the air began to change, and I’m finally admitting defeat, the summer sandals are packed away and it’s time to dig out my winter threads. We moved home just a couple of weeks ago, we’re still in Le Marais, and are very happy in our new nest. The added joy of being reunited with all my boxes which came over from the UK feels like I have an entire new wardrobe for the coming months. All my bedding is here, my Wedgwood set is here, all my kitchen kit (I made my first chocolate cake this weekend) and all my beautiful books to fill our enormous bookshelves have been unpacked. You’ll find me most weekends at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen scouring for gems.

It’s been six months since I moved to Paris (SIX MONTHS!!) give or take the odd month circling the globe for various projects but finally I have a plan. The summer (well April-September) was a much needed extended break, summer of a lifetime perhaps, but the time has come for a new life plan. You’ll be glad to hear I have enrolled in French school! Every day until Christmas. Let’s hope that’ll help me some way with the in-laws this Christmas. So, souhaite moi bonne chance! You never know this time next year LWSY may have an English/French translation.

Happy Autumn all…

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