London by De Beers, High Jewellery Presentation, Haute Couture Week, Paris

Introducing the De Beers High Jewellery Collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris this July 2016. The collection is inspired by London and it’s historic landmarks that set the landscape of the city. Featuring a series of commissioned photographs by Mary McCartney, the high jewellery salon on rue de la Paix was transformed into an English country garden, the perfect environment to discover the magnificent new collection.

‘London by De Beers is a journey through the city, a daydream stroll along the banks of the Thames. The silhouettes of the city’s iconic structures cast blurred reflections in the mirrored surface of the river below. Inspired by the winding course of the Thames Path, a National Trail footpath running for 180 miles along the banks of the River Thames from East London to Gloucestershire. The collection embarks on a voyage through London, capturing the icons of the neighbours it passes in exceptional diamond form.’

“She follows the river. She walks alone.”

“She moves between the same landmarks she has always gazed upon. She has seen this scene a thousand times; through balmy summers and bitter winters; against crisp sunrises and watercolour sunsets. The silhouettes of the city’s iconic structures cast blurred reflections in the mirrored surface of the river below. This is the backdrop of her life.”

“She crosses Albert Bridge. Its threads of suspension frame her in perfect symmetry. Like the structure she traverses, her elegance abounds in polished precision.”




“She watches the slow ticking of the London Eye’s rotation.”

The modernistic shape of the passenger capsules of the London Eye has been represented through the use of marquise cuts, the ‘Toi et Moi’ style of the set pays tribute to rhythmic, cyclical movement of the Eye itself. Meticulously selected pear-cut diamonds, matching in shape and characteristics are the heroines of this London View set.

Initially named St Stephen’s Tower on completion in 1859, Big Ben’s home was re-named Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“The bells chime in the Elizabeth Tower. A reliable toll that announces to the city that the present is fleeting, seconds quickly move on. Her future is hers to take where she chooses. She is independent. The world is hers.”

“She looks across the river at Battersea Power Station. Its power may have expired but its imposing structure continues to emit an unending strength. She too has an inner strength. A courage that drives her passions and a force that sees her succeed.”

The Battersea Light Collection echoes the Art Deco theatre of Battersea Power Station. The dramatic chimneys of the power station are reflected by the single orderly drop of diamonds to the necklace, crowned by a detachable 10.92 carat D colour Emerald cut diamond.

View the collection online here

Images © LWSY / De Beers

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