Knockout Necklaces at London based Nocturne Studio

So you may know by now that i’ve just moved to Paris. I brought a fair amount of my wardrobe with me, but a couple of months in, I’m seriously running out of cocktail dresses. In Paris, after work, you don’t go home, you cocktail, and a girl can only recycle so many dresses. Some may say I used to go to the opening of an envelope, I call it being sociable. Recently i’ve been finding myself running out of the apartment at 6pm in search of another dress for an event that evening (i’m still the new girl and want to make in impression, who wouldn’t) until my friend pointed out a rather obvious idea. Jewellery. If you wear a knockout necklace, this is all they’ll notice right?

Enter, Nocturne. A London based jewellery brand designing hand-made, head-turning pieces, using beautifully bright colour combinations of materials using traditional Asian techniques in their craftsmanship.

I wanted to show you the new SS16 collection, in the hope you’ll fall in love as I did.

SS16 began on the Venetian islands Burano and Murano, famed for their artisan crafts of lace work and hand-blown glass.

It was the Venetian’s trading of rich materials, lace and silks in exchange for the Far East’s jewels, pearls and spices that inspired their decorative collection. The vibrant colour composition of crystal blues, neon oranges, pinks and yellows were derived from the luminescent houses lining the Burano waterways.

Nocturne jewellery fuses their love for artisan craft with new materials and techniques. The Perspex is laser cut in London while bespoke Italian resin beads reference the unique Murano blown glass spheres.

The range introduces new pendant shapes and friendship bracelets combining Swarovski neon pearls and plaited leather, which can be layered and stacked as you wish. The collection is finished with 18k gold, rose gold and white gold and features semi-precious stones agate, turquoise and tigers eye.

Images c/o Nocturne Studio

Visit their website here & INSTAGRAM here

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