Hôtel Bachaumont, Paris >> A Parisian Neighbourhood Hotel, Bar & Restaurant


Let’s go back in time to the Roaring Twenties in Paris. The Grand Hôtel de Bachaumont in the heart of Montorgueil was an institution in the French capital. It takes its name from Louis Petit de Bachaumont, a controversial writer who disclosed sordid secrets about 18th century France in his “Mémoires Secrets”.

Celebrities, doctors, society and traders flocked to the hotel for its great location by Les Halles. But when the largest market in France moved to Rungis, the hotel was left deserted and became the Clinique Bachaumont. Fast forward a century to the Hotel Bachaumont being restored to its former glory. Months of extensive work have given it back its heart and soul. The façade has been painstakingly restored, the age-old Hotel Bachaumont wording engraved in the stone has been brought to light, the wrought iron entrance doors have been refurbished. Hotel Bachaumont has brought its age-old charm into the 21st century.


“The idea was to put a fresh twist on classic Paris chic and create a contemporary hotel that’s true to its city and neighbourhood.” Dorothée Meilichzon, CHZON


Before you read my rather long post, I must add a disclaimer that I only just uncovered which makes for a better understanding of the set up at this new hotel Bachaumont. The reason I paid (yes paid) to check in for the weekend was because I knew it was designed by Dorothee Chzon, and understood the hotel is run by the Experimental Group, owners and operators of Grand Pigalle, Experimental Beach in Ibiza, Compagnie des Vin Surnaturels in Paris, London and New York amongst other fabulous eateries and watering holes. After such a wonderful weekend at Grand Pigalle earlier this year I was eager to compare the two.

The hotel is owned by La Clé Group (they facilitate the operations of the hotel which opened this Summer 2015) and the Experimental Group run the beautiful Restaurant Bachaumont and cocktail bar, Night Flight on the ground floor. Then it all falls into place. The personal touches you felt in the rooms at Grand Pigalle were missing here.

I rarely share my frustrations, but sometimes a few things I think need to be mentioned for the benefit of the next guests. The design execution is slick, but more on that in a moment (and minus the noisy service door next to our bedroom which was used throughout the night just needs its soft-close tightening a bit) the hotel changes vibe once you are in your room.

The small touches I remembered from Grand Pigalle (37 rooms compared to 49 +4 suites at Bachaumont) were missing here.

That pre-mixed cocktail waiting for you in your mini bar on arrival (here it was a soft drinks only situation at Bachaumont with no glasses or corkscrew) not very sexy for a ‘weekend away’ kind of set up. Especially for a hotel collaborating with the 

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