Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, Four Seasons, France

My surprise weekend in the South of France had almost ended before it started. The rail strikes in Paris had me nearly miss my flight, and with much foot-tapping and anxious watch checking for this train to the airport which was clearly not arriving anytime soon, a fellow traveller next to me said “come on let’s get an Uber”. We ran, I mean really ran to this taxi and pleaded for him to race us Charles de Gaulle. I finally made it to the gate after my new friend was dropped at the opposite end of CDG, and was the last to board my flight to Nice, looking more than a bit disheveled.

By the time I’d landed, I realised my iPhone had died, and I had no idea where I was going or where I was meeting E who was in the area for work, hence the surprise weekend. I then notice my name being held by a driver who takes my bag, but still won’t tell me where we’re going. You get the idea…

Turns out he was taking me to heaven. Actual hotel heaven, the kind of place where your cheeks hurt all day because you can’t stop grinning. Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat is internationally renowned for its classic French Riviera style. From the moment your car door is opened and you step into the lobby, you’re transported to a different world. I arrived still assuming we weren’t actually staying here, but soon enough my bag was whisked away and I was handed my room key. Cue jaw drop.

E was waiting for me in the reception, and chose for us a Pool Villa over the Grand Suites in the main building. The Pool Villas offer views of the ocean and gardens, with its own infinity pool, outdoor terrace and dining area. The vast all white suites are a haven of serenity. A mix of traditional decoration, including the iconic Warren Platner dining table and chairs below. The Hollywood style full length dressing mirrors in the marble en-suite certainly made you feel like a movie star, with Hermes bath products and all the additional extras to make you feel fully indulged. Like a kid in a sweet shop I kept darting from room to room not quite believing my eyes. I was desperate for a dip in the pool but equally excited with the prospect of a long bath since our Paris apartment is without.

After my bath, my next panic of what to wear, I’d forgotten a high heel, I couldn’t wear converse to dinner at the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat! (I had to). We decided on dinner overlooking the port a short drive down the road (phew, I had only packed cotton summer dresses) and we could enjoy the hotel all day the following day.

There could be no better way to spend a Saturday morning. Buried under the duvet, we ticked our way down the room-service menu, and as we surfaced, our breakfast was delivered, silver service style and set up overlooking the pool. The sun broke through and we had a glorious morning lounging around our pool before taking a walk around the hotel gardens. I note I had to be pulled out of the Suite, if ever there was a more romantic suite than this pool villa…


There was only one place we were headed for lunch, the iconic Club Dauphin at the beach below our hotel. An air-conditioned glass lift whisks you down the cliff from the bottom of the hotel gardens, overlooking the famously beautiful swimming pool of the hotel. The club is incredible. Take a private Cabana overlooking the Med, where nobody will disturb you unless you ring your bell, or just lounge on a sun bed by the pool before lunch on the terrace. Serving typical mediterranean dishes, fresh fish, lobster salads, just sit back, order a piscine, and watch the super yachts bob up and down in the distance as your lunch is prepared. Heaven.

A short but sweet stay, memories that will certainly last. I must admit few places have matched up to our experience here. The hotel has been an icon since 1908, and I can understand why. Get there if you can, it’s utter magic.

Visit the hotel website here


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