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Last week at London’s Masterpiece Fair, British brand Linley unveiled it’s secret weapon. A chair not totally synonymous with the brands design aesthetic, but certainly in the same league as their ability to create extraordinary design pieces.

 A sign of the future for the brand perhaps? Continuing the brands tradition in using highly skilled craftsman for some of the most traditional of production methods, this Hans Wegner inspired Silhouette Chair has all the details of a Danish design. The magic is in the production though.

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Crafted from a single copper panel which has been individually hand rolled and hammered. This age-old technique used by coach builders in the restoration and customisation of classic cars, enables the craftsman to form compound curves from a single flat sheet. Highly labour intensive, the design ensures that the shell fits seamlessly with the form of a human body.

The engineered sheet of copper is then clad on one face with neoprene, and finished with a luxuriously soft aniline leather. Rolled copper edges wrap around the copper frame. The front legs of hand-shaped walnut frame flow up to the arms of the chair before sweeping around the back of the copper panel. The construction is the shining force of this piece. Commissions begin at £60,000.

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Dimensions: W830 x D1075 x H920mm

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Linley LWSY

Linley, 60 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8LP +44 (0)20 7730 7300

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