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Every month I paw over copious amounts of magazines. Either collected in bulk by my boyfriend brought over from France, or my own supermarket sweep style loot collection in the Eurostar lounges during my 2 or so trips to Paris a month (long distance relationships, consider it an upside?). All in all, it’s a lot of gloss to get through. I collect my thoughts digitally now, but love to thumb over a good glossy. I’ve decided on a few favourites, Porter, Wallpaper and CN Traveller. They’ve enticed me to add my own monthly Editor’s note. So here is my first, not entirely sure what I want to say though so here I am.

I’m sat writing this on a Eurostar (I’m finally in a new train) and 30 pages into January’s edition of Wallpaper magazine I hit Tony Chamber’s Editors Letter. His words jump off the page, I can hear him speak even though I’ve never heard him talk. I love that. A man who holds such a prestigious position is waffling on at not having a ‘thing’. Apparently to be successful, you have to have a thing, he notes Corbusier with his thick rounded spectacles and Lagerfeld with his pony tail/fingerless gloves/highly starched shirts/famous cat. To have ‘a thing’. Chambers says to be noticed and remembered seems to make you better. Do you agree? In the creative industry which spans thousands of job titles, what is it exactly that deems you successful? To be admired? Or envied? Praised perhaps? By the end of 2015 with all my ups an downs, I’ve decided for me, it’s not about being successful, it’s about being happy.

2016 arrived and I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt for the beginning of a New Year. What were to be my ambitions? What was I hoping for this year? 2015 was an amazing year. Full of opportunities I couldn’t have imagined would fly my way, just look at all the incredible trips I was invited on. 2016 though, well there are many ways my life can go this year.

So 2016, let’s be having you. Who knows what i’ll be typing to myself in 2017, MAYBE I’LL BE TYPING IN FRENCH?! One thing is for sure, adventure is high on my list. Chile, Japan, Jamaica, you’re on the list. You never know, I always said I’d love to spend a night in an Igloo. Well I’m off to do that next week, so dream big, and be nice to be people. That seems to work for me.


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