London based brand Streck: Personalisation, Pixilation & Park Life

Image courtesy of Streck

An insight into the London brand Streck, on personalisation, pixilation, and park life. Founded by Caroline Strecker in 2012 after a visit to Berlin, it was there she discovered the process of applying vinyl to clothing, which instantly caught her imagination. When Caroline returned home, she bought a small heat press and vinyl cutting machine and began working on her designs.

Her clever site ( allows you to create your personalised design via the drop down menus as it creates the visual of your t-shirt, hoodie or jumper. You simply type in the letters you would like ‘Strecked’, choose your font, colour combo & sizing. I tried out a few options myself, love a bit of camo & neon. 

Or you can order a bespoke design, notice Smalls the bulldog above, his proud owner sent Caroline a photograph of him, a design was created using her grid system, et voila! 




Images courtesy of L&H Communications.

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