Café Racer Festival > Autodrome de Linas, Montlhéry, France

That deep sound of revving engines, the heavy fumes, the testosterone, the feeling of being around these beastly machines, I warn you, becomes infectious. When the Goodwood Revival is your monitor for a great motoring event, it takes a really good show to impress me. So yet another weekend surrounded by some of Europe’s most fanatical automotive enthusiasts, I recently attended my first Cafe Racer Festival at Autodrome de Linas in Montléry.

Less than an hours drive from Paris, I went to see what all the fuss was about when it comes to motorbikes. Along with a team of fellow influencers, Leica France invited me to spend the day shooting some bikes using their Leica T model. I kind of loved it.

The leather jackets, the characters in the leather jackets! The custom bikes and the incredible artworks, the container workshops, I soon found out it’s not just a world for Hells Angels and boy racers.

In it’s fourth year, the weekend brings historic and custom bikes to this famous track.

Amateur and professional riders compete together, several classes are scheduled with Club Triton, Glemseck 101, and the Street Project by Twin Triumph. Bike shows and dare-devil demonstrations kept pulses racing high, with plenty of bikes, parts and kit for sale at the festival. Never ride a Ducatti? Sign up, pass the safety briefing and join fellow riders on a track lap or two. If you prefer 2 wheels over 4, this festival is definitely worth travelling to next year.

With thanks to Leica France – Click here to read more about the Leica T.


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