I spend a lot of time in classic cars, usually ones that don’t have a roof (and usually in winter). It’s become clear to me that there’s only one brand that can cut the mustard, hello Canada Goose.

Since my first (and perhaps only) Igloo experience last winter, I knew only the Snow Mantra would keep me from catching my death. For 5 days straight I refused to take off my parka, I still long for the mountains just to be cocooned in that kind of warmth once again.

Last week though, the temperature really dropped in France, and I was just about to spend 3 days on a classic car rally. My only fear was that constant feeling of being cold.

It was time to revisit Canada Goose, and find me a city winter coat. Something that I wouldn’t overheat in on the metro here in Paris, but a style that would keep me completely content whilst navigating the D roads in the French countryside during a rally.

So meet my new friend, the Wyndham Camo Parka, a mens ‘slim’ style, with the classic Coyote removable fur collar and bracing wire to best mould the hood for your comfort. Four double fleece lined pockets, an inside storage mesh, and long rib kit cuffs to keep your wrists warm and the cold out. Just the cosiest I have ever been.

Who knew a winter coat could make you so happy, Canada Goose, #AskAnyoneWhoKnows

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October 2016

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