MY PARIS // Dersou, 21 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 75012

I discovered this place last year. My boyfriend was in the dog house, and I was heading to Paris for the weekend before i’d moved here hoping for him to pull something out of the bag. I expected nothing, but hoped for a Friday night date night that didn’t disappoint. I think he knew he had to impress that night, and he did.

Dersou when you arrive is cute, not very Parisian (well maybe quite the new hipster Parisian kinda place). We settled in to our table, and I was just told we’re having the tasting menu. Good start. The tasting menu is long, really long. Each course comes with a different cocktail. How I wasn’t fireman lifted out of there I’ll never know. I still have one of the cocktail garnishes saved in a treasure box it was that memorable. Safe to say I probably had a smile back on my face after the second or third course. I almost don’t want to go back again so not to spoil the memory of our experience.

But what’s it all about? As the website says…

“Since November 2014, Dersou has shaken up the Parisian gastronomic scene by offering a tasting menu where dishes come together with their cocktails.

A stone’s throw from Bastille, nestled in a small discreet street in the 12th arrondissement near Ledru Rollin, the restaurant offers a 5, 6 or 7-stage tasting that evolves according to the products, seasons and inspirations of the team.”


Take an adventurous eater, you need to just relax into this kind of menu, frankly if I knew what half of what I eat in France was I wouldn’t have ever tried it…

Dersou, 21 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 75012 – Click here for the website

LWSY June 2017


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