Month One ~ Settling in to life with MMRR

Mini with her grand-mère & granny at two weeks old

We chose to keep our baby’s gender a surprise when discovering I was expecting. Discovering Marguerite was a girl seconds after she was born, was the most mind blowing surprise of our lives.

Secretly i’d hoped for a girl, but by 6 months I and the world it seemed, were convinced i was having a boy. Welcoming a baby girl into our family was made all the more special for the French side as there is a long long line of boys, she truly is adored.

By November, Mini was 2 weeks old, I was used to waking every three hours to feed her, my body wouldn’t let me sleep in the day but life was wonderful. We welcomed a steady stream of friends every few days, my family came over for a few days and I was loving being a new maman!

We were careful to keep her close to home, avoiding the metro and buses before her vaccinations, especially as the winters here are very cold. I was becoming used to visiting our local PMI (maternal and infant protection centre) for weekly weigh ins, reassurance and advice from the doctors and nurses there. I was always very nervous to visit with my limited French, but lots of smiling gets you a long way in this environment.

Above, walking to a photography exhibition at Grand Palais

The post-natal healthcare here in Paris is excellent. Babies are encouraged to be seen by osteopaths as newborns, and as new mothers there are plenty of state covered re-education and rehabilitation courses to take advantage of.

I was discovering my can’t live without products, and getting used to Google translating labels and instructions to ensure I was administering the correct doses of vitamins and medications. We’re were settling into life together very well.

Next month, heading home to the UK for Christmas…

LWSY November 2017


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