Two Months ~ Marguerite’s first flight home for Christmas

I was counting the days to take Marguerite home to the UK for Christmas, her first flight and her first opportunity to meet her uncle, aunt, cousins and our friends.

I was a little apprehensive for the flight from Paris, M was only 9 weeks and still so tiny, but our flight was only 50 minutes to the UK. Luckily with a baby you seem to breeze through airports via the fast track systems in place, and frankly i’ve learnt if something isn’t moving as fast as you’d like, simply politely ask to go to the front and nobody has ever prevented me from doing so (especially when flying solo plenty of times since!).

I knew to feed M when the plane was ascending and descending and the little babe slept right through, i’d also always recommend biting the bullet and paying to choose your seat close to the front. The times I don’t do this I always regret it. This small task gives you that extra peace of mind that you know where you’re sitting, whether you want the privacy to feed against the window, or be in an aisle to get up and move around to change your baby if you need.

Just carry plenty of nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and a warm blanket in case of any delays. Always carry a bottle of water for yourself, feeding is thirsty work and you don’t want to get caught out. Babies need very little at this young age other than you and to be kept warm.

Our saving grace was our Babyzen Yoyo which kept M warm and flat through the airport, it folds up as cabin baggage so as soon as we were due to board i just popped her in my Baby Bjorn One which we bought from my favourite baby shop in Paris. Try also to be as hands free as possible, so use a rucksack, always.

Christmas day was made all the more special by having a small church blessing during the morning service at the church in our village. Marguerite was the star of the service, and of course slept right through!

We spent the week as every family does at Christmas, catching up, cooking and eating, long walks, and lots of British TV! Marguerite was still working out her sleep schedule but on Christmas Eve she slept through her first night (if only that lasted!).

Happy 9 weeks Mini.

LWSY December 2017

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