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There are moments in your life that you think might never really happen. Dreams you have and hopes that you wish for, well a few of them have come true this year. I haven’t shared too much of my pregnancy on LWSY, but i’m sure this is about to change. I don’t know about you, but the day I was going to go and choose my first baby buggy was always going to be a milestone moment.

Travel is a huge part of LWSY, and having a baby in a few weeks hopefully won’t get in the way of our future plans. Discovering new locations and experiences with our mini will surely be the most exciting new chapter of our lives.

With this comes kit. Practical kit that can make sure we can load ourselves onto planes, into trains, and in and out of whichever car E decides we’re going to drive wherever we end up one weekend on a whim. Since moving to Paris all I ever really saw were Babyzen YOYO’s. After very little research, I knew it was the only buggy I wanted for mini.

The brand is based in Aix-en-Provence, but this is a product designed for Parisians. For families that live in buildings with winding staircases, no lifts, for our arrondissements that have tiny pavements and locals who have no patience for giant strollers clogging up the roads.

The YOYO+ folds and unfolds, is carried like a bag on your shoulder, and is a one-hand driving kind of buggy. It is expressly designed for parents on the move.

From birth to toddler, mini will lie parent-facing for 6 months, then the 6+ pack uses the same frame but a new add-on feature allowing mini to be forward facing until toddler age and he/she no longer needs a buggy. The handle can be released to fold back completely so the buggy can sit next to you side by side like a chair at a dining table. For those afternoon dodos the back rest inclines at varying degrees, and additional add on clips to the sides allow you to fit a series of car seats which clip straight on top of the frame.

The brand has just opened their first stand alone store in Le Marais, so our lives were made even easier last week when we just popped in to collect our chosen combination.

The store has plenty of stock, so there was none of this pre-order business like you have to deal with in the UK. We walked out with our complete newborn to toddler grey/white combo for 599€. A little cheaper than the UK price.

The store will also happily build your buggy for you on the spot to save any husband headaches when the time comes to unbox.

Now, we just have a couple more weeks for mini to arrive, and we can take our YOYO for it’s first spin!

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Babyzen,18 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75011

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