Jens Risom Suite at Hotel Alexandra, Copenhagen

My first stay at the Hotel Alexandra in Copenhagen (read about my night in the Verner Panton Suite here) was back in September 2014. I’d seen the website, and heard about the incredible design pieces in the hotel but to visit in real life was really an extraordinary treat.

To visit such an authentically designed and curated hotel with such emphasis on the most powerful designers who have shaped our design culture was really something for us design lovers.

So I was excited to be sent news of the new Jens Risom Suite which has recently opened, as each room in the hotel has its own unique decoration.

“People have heard of Wegner and Jacobsen for many years now. It is time to bring forward the designs and the story of one of Denmark’s most internationally successful designers, Jens Risom” says Jeppe Mühlhausen, General Manager at Hotel Alexandra.

The story of Jens Risom (1916—2016) is compelling. From the early years during which he studied with some of the most acknowledged Danish names, to his migration to America where he helped launch the world famous furniture company Knoll, Risom became not only a successful furniture designer, but a remarkable entrepreneur.

With his company Jens Risom Design Inc. he was behind one of the largest furniture companies in America, widely known by the slogan ‘The Answer is Risom’ and the iconic image campaign by renowned photographer Richard Avedon.

“The Jens Risom room at Hotel Alexandra has been created as a tribute to Jens Risom’s fantastic life and designs. We originally found inspiration in his summer house and selected cozy upholstered pieces.

We also wanted to add a vintage 654 webbed strapping chair, as it is Jens Risom’s most iconic design, as well as one of his early magazine tables, due to its beautiful graphic qualities, and to demonstrate the diversity in Risom’s designs” says stylist Lise Beckmann of Form Portfolios Design Studio.

Jens Risom falls under a different category than many of the well known Danish Mid-Century designers, because he immigrated to the USA at a young age.

Although he became successful and famous by introducing Danish furniture design qualities to Americans, he is less well known in his homeland of Denmark.

Risom’s key material is wood and his designs are often sturdy without losing their elegance. There are several recognisable and distinct details such as floating table tops, angled armrests, built in magazine holders and beautiful lounge seating bases.

Some of which you will see in the Risom room at Hotel Alexandra.

A list of items in the Risom Suite:

654 Lounge Chair
The vintage 654 chair was designed in 1942 and is Jens Risom’s most iconic piece. It is still in production at Knoll after 75 years.

Two T539 magazine tables in walnut designed in 1949. One of Jens Risom’s first pieces for his own Jens Risom Design company.

A 742 desk originally designed in 1968 by Jens Risom for his own home.

A C275 chair that goes with the 742 desk. Designed in 1957.

An original Playboy magazine from 1961 with an article on Jens Risom and five other infuential furniture designers in America.

Two T710 side tables. Designed in 1950.

The pieces were sourced from Ralph Pucci, Design Within Reach & Rocket.

Hotel Alexandra, H.C Andersens Boulevard 8, DK-1553 Copenhagen V

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